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Wrestling Information

High School Wrestling - Gain Confidence and Strength

High school wrestling does not have the mass appeal of, say, high school football, but it has a very specific appeal and has gradually grown tremendously in popularity over the years. Here are a few reasons why high school wrestling may be a viable alternative for student athletes who may not be able to perform in other sports, or who have always want to try wrestling.

1. High school wrestling promotes good sportsmanship. High school wrestling is an elaborate sport with many rules and regulations. It requires strength, flexibility and the ability to control one's own body, whilst dealing with the body of somebody else. High school wrestling is one of those sports that requires absolutely great sportsmanship if a match is going to be completed with any kind of accordance to the rules and regulations. High school wrestling can be a great sport for student athletes who may need to develop this kind of discipline and self-control.

2. High school wrestling allows student athletes to develop strength and agility. More so than other sports, high school wrestling asks students to develop a very specific type of strength and agility. Most student athletes who participate and succeed in high school wrestling need to develop a keen sense of how their body works. The sport of high school wrestling requires agility and flexibility in a way that other physical sports and endeavors simply do not.

3. High school wrestling helps student athletes develop a keen sense of teamwork. While all team sports allow student athletes to feel like they are part of a team, this sense is felt that much more acutely among student athletes who participate in high school wrestling. There are some team sports that do not require the active participation of all of its members. There are student athletes on the baseball or football teams that may never see a day of full, active play. This can lead to a feeling of being left out. But then there are organized sports such as high school wrestling, where each member of the team gets a moment to shine.

Weight Classes in High School Wrestling

Boys Weight Classes:

106 lbs 113 lbs 120 lbs 126 lbs 132 lbs 138 lbs 145 lbs 152 lbs 160 lbs 170 lbs 182 lbs 195 lbs 220 lbs 285 lbs