Moorpark Wrestling Club

Our Mission

Moorpark's Wrestling Mission is to give youth wrestlers the opportunity to learn the sport of wrestling. Through a positive practice environment and a structured progression system, wrestlers will be able to compete at the highest levels locally, regionally, and nationally. This includes the development of sportsmanship and character through discipline, work ethic, and respect for all of life’s challenges.

Moorpark Wrestling was founded by Roy Garcia, and others who wanted to organize an environment for Ventura County Kids to learn, and embrace the sport of wrestling. The success of our team’s philosophy has been proven by the number of State and Regional, champions we have had the pleasure of training. We could not accomplish these goals without the dedication of our volunteer coaches. Thank you all.

What we expect of our students

Moorpark Wrestling is designed for dedicated and serious wrestlers looking to advance to the next level. Team members will be trained by a combination of former college and high school wrestlers who volunteer their time to prepare our team for Folkstyle wrestling seasons.

Our Goals

Our goal is to contribute to the success of our student wrestlers by providing them a positive environment to train and receive mentorship of the utmost quality. Our Moorpark wrestlers will be provided outstanding training through detailed technical instruction as well as high quality practice partners who are matched on ability and weight. The combination of technical reinforcement and live wrestling has helped our team members capture several state and region championships.


We believe that any wrestler can become a champion with desire and the proper coaching. Becoming a champion at any level involves a strong and devoted commitment. The higher the level of competition, the higher the level of commitment required. To develop a state or national champion takes a serious commitment on both the wrestler and the coach’s part. In developing a state and national champion, we believe that a wrestler needs to have an arsenal of varying low and high level moves that can be used as primary or alternate moves to help them win and dominate a match. Practicing and using these moves in live competition will increase the wrestler’s ability to succeed in any wrestling situation he or she may find themselves in. Those who chose to participate in our travels to regional and national events will also put them on the national scene which is the major pool from which most college coaches choose their recruits. In addition to the fitness and mental benefits of Moorpar wrestling's training, our wrestlers will also prove to be more capable of handling the difficulties that present themselves throughout their lifetime. Our foundation is based upon the premise of hard work, commitment, dedication, and discipline. It is upon this foundation that Moorpark wrestling will continue to help produce state, and national champions, as well as productive college recruits.

"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." - Dan Gable